Switch Ghost is a gritty psychedelic rock band based out of Colorado. Their sound is predominantly rooted in 20th century classic rock and bears a slight resemblance to other contemporary vintage sounding acts like The Dead Weather, The Murlocs, or The Sheepdogs but strong improvisational tendencies and a penchant for experimentation push the sound in aĀ  slightly weirder and more genre spanning direction.

The music of Switch Ghost is not strictly or entirely a retro sound.Ā  While there is definitely a vintage vibe present, the band draws influence from disparate genres spanning all eras of rock history up to and including the now-wave. With three distinct songwriters, Switch Ghost covers a wide musical territory. A typical live show sees them making their way from guitar heavy blues rock songs to quirky dance numbers with a healthy dose of spacey grooves and improvised instrumentals mixed in throughout. An alt-country shuffle might melt into a reggae bounce. A down tempo trance could give way to a heavy pop punk riff. Occasional middle eastern motifs collide with viking funeral songs in a manner that is both familiar and foreign while digital elements blend organically with analog equipment in a sound that is both traditional and forward-looking.

The second full length album, Staged Cage of Animals, was released on July 31 2020.


Brandt Garrison: Vocals, Drums, Percussion, EMU, Samplers

Michael Wright: Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Jasper Niemeyer: Vocals, Guitars, Bass